Match Report
Charterhouse Boys-U16A vs  Ardingly College
On: Saturday, 07 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

The first game of the season presented an opportunity for the team, bolstered by the return to action of Kutyrkin and Belo-Osagie to demonstrate that the lessons learnt since the end of July have not been forgotten. From the start it was clear that they had not; with Charterhouse dominating possession and in fact spending probably 75% of the first half in the Ardingly half. Spectators lost count of the number of times Charterhouse went close. Faull, Turner, Dehzad all hit the woodwork and the opposition goalkeeper was called into action several times. It took around 25 minutes for Ardingly to create a chance of their own. Really we created it for them, via a loose pass combined with a failure to track a run. Another chance followed shortly after on the left flank under similar circumstances. Luckily an offside was correctly given.

Charterhouse continued to create their own chances and eventually the breakthrough came via the head of Ticktum. 1-0 to Charterhouse.

Ardingly started the second half better and although there was a period in which Charterhouse play lacked fluidity, save for a couple of let offs, including a hit post which fortunately bounced into the hands of Burns rather than to the feet of the approaching forward, Charterhouse continued to create their own chances, Turner, Dehzad and Ticktum all having opportunities to extend the lead, Ticktum possibly having the best chance which was not far from hitting the top corner.

Thankfully a second goal came courtesy of an absolutely delightful Faull cross which was met my Savile’s head after a well-timed run. All the Ardingly centres backs could do was helplessly wave their arms in the air. The spectators and author at this point could breathe slightly easier. This was followed shortly afterwards by a tidy strike by Turner who definitely deserved to be on the scoresheet, having provided threat all through the game.

The two most pleasing things apart from the score line were the positive attitude shown by the players throughout and the competitiveness shown by all for the whole 70 minutes.

The fundamentals always need to be worked on, there were balls that should not have been given away, simple passes which should have been made but were not and also shots which probably should have hit the target.